How to Make a Leather Paracord Belt

How to Make a Leather Paracord Belt

Throughout this step by step DIY Tutorial, I will show you how I made a leather paracord belt using a simple blank leather belt, some leather tools, and some paracord. Paracord and leather are two extremely useful tools for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Not only will it keep your pants up, but it could safe your life!


Center Box/Zoomed Image: The center box is a zoomed in box which shows closer, more detailed images. They occasionally shows up in the center of the diagram throughout several steps.

Diagram: The diagram is the whole image itself, with the different quadrants or sections (parts) inside of it.

Left Working Cord: The left working cord is the current cord that is on the left side of the belt. Notice, once the left working cord is transferred over to the right side, it becomes the right working cord, and vise versa.

Part: A part represents a sectioned off portion of the overall diagram.

Right Working Cord: The right working cord is the current cord that is on the right side of the belt. Notice, once the right working cord is transferred over to the left side, it becomes the left working cord, and vise versa.

Step: A step represents the step itself. There’s 13 steps overall in this DIY Tutorial on how to make a leather paracord belt.





Tools and Materials:

  • Paracord Fid Needle
  • Scissors
  • Straight Edge
  • Leather Edge Slicker
  • Leather Dye
  • Tandy Leather Belt Blank 1-1/2″ Wide
  • Leather Hole Puncher
  • Leather Beveling Tool
  • Leather Skiver
  • Tandy Leather Blank Belt
  • Metal Leather Rivets
  • Pliers
  • Tape Measure
  • Leather Rivets
  • 550 Paracord
  • Sharpie/Marker
  • Roller Belt Buckle 1-1/2″

Follow the step by step tutorial below to make your own Leather Paracord Belt.

Step 1:

Grab an old belt that you like that fits you well and lay it on the BACK side of your blank belt.

  1. Using a marker mark the buckle holes and length/design of the tip of the belt. You can choose any shape you like. I liked how my old belt looked, so I simply traced it.
  2. You should now have a few dots representing where you will be punching holes for your buckle along with a length and shape of the tip of the belt.
Step 2:
paracord belt how to

Draw two 1/4″ lines roughly 2-3″ from your last buckle hole. The 2-3″ measurement is more of a preference.

  1. Using a straight edge draw two perpendicular lines on either side of the belt measuring 1/4″.
  2. Here’s what your lines should look like.
  3. Now make those same 1/4″ lines in 1′ increments down the belt until you are 2-3″ away from the other end.
  4. Here’s what your last lines will look like.
Step 3:
make paracord belt

Connect the lines on either side like shown in the diagram. The colored in portion of the belt is what you will be cutting out.

  1. Using a straight edge draw a line connecting your series of lines. You should end up with a line parallel with the edge of the belt 1/4″ off of it on either side.
  2. Here you will see which portion of the belt you will be cutting out.
  3. The lines should carry all the way to the other end of the belt like shown here.
  4. CUT out the two 1/4″ strips off either side of the belt.
Step 4:
  1. Using your Leather Hole Puncher with a 3/16″ diameter dye, punch out the buckle holes.
  2. Cut out the shape of the end of your belt.
  3. Here’s what the strap end of the belt looks like.
  4. Here’s what the buckle side of the belt looks like.
Step 5:
  1. Using a piece of scrap leather that was just cut off the belt, cut a piece roughly 5-6″ or fit a piece around the belt like shown here in part 1.
  2. Using a leather Skiver, on the back side of the leather, shave off about 1-1/2″ from either side. Shave about half way through the leather. The object it to simply make it thinner on the ends.
  3. Here’s what you should end with.
  4. Here’s a closeup of what you are looking for during measuring.
Step 6:
make a belt from paracord
  1. Wrap your belt keep into place an slip your Leather Hole Puncher into place and punch a 1/8″ hole through all three layers.
  2. Here’s a closeup.
  3. Top view of where the placement of the keeper should go.
  4. Here’s what your holes should look like.
Step 7:
  1. Using your Leather Beveling Tool at a 45 degree angle give every edge of your belt a trim.
  2. Here’s a beveled edge.
  3. Using your Leather Edge Slicker slick all edges on your belt. Start by dampening the edges with a wet paper towel. Then lie your belt on a table hanging over the edge just a bit. Run the slicker back and forth until it’s smooth and shiny.
  4. Using your Leather Dye dye the entire belt, front and back, including the belt keep. A little goes a long way to be conservative. Let dry for 15-20 minutes before working with the belt. This stuff gets everywhere so be careful.
Step 8:
  1. Leather Rivets
  2. Angle 1. Using a pair of pliers place your rivet through all three layers and squeeze it tight with the rivet.
  3. Angle 2.
  4. Result.
Step 9:

Find the half way point of your 100′ of 550 Paracord.

  1. Starting at the end of the belt of your choice line up the half way point of your paracord with the location shown in part 1. You should be left with a left and right working cords.
  2. Take the left cord from left to right under the belt and over the right working cord.
  3. Take the right cord over the belt and up and under the loop created by the left cord.
Step 10:

This will be the same braid but backwards. We will now start on the right.

  1. Bring your right cord under the belt over to the left side.
  2. Bring your left cord under the right cord, over the belt and up under and through the loop formed by the right cord.
Step 11:
  1. Attach you Paracord Fid Needle to your paracord. Using your lighter melt the end of both cords and shape them into a cone. Twist (screw) the paracord into the needle.
  2. Thread both loose ends through 8-10 braids and give a good tightening.
Step 12:
  1. Cut the loose ends so there’s enough room to get your lighter in there.
  2. Melt ends down to avoid fraying and tuck loose ends under braids.
Step 13:

Get Outside!

You can also find this tutorial over on my Instructables Account

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