Accordion Shaped Baked Potato

Accordion Shaped Baked Potato

Ever wondered how to make curly fries? Throughout this tutorial I will demonstrate how to use the Presto Tater Twister Curly Cutter, which is an awesome kitchen tool to have. With the presto cutter we will be using it to make a cool, accordion shaped twice baked potato. To get those awesome curly fries, all you do is switch the attachment on the machine and wala, curly fries!


Tools and Materials:

Accordion Shaped Baked Potato With Cheese!!! Yummmm

Step 1:

This is what the machine looks like when there’s nothing inside of it. I like to give it a cleaning before I do anything. After washing the machine, plug it in. Inside the clear vessel of the Presto Tater Twister Curly Cutter you will see a small propeller looking piece.

Step 2:

Holding a potato up and down long-ways, stick it onto the propeller looking piece at the bottom of the inside of the machine.

Step 3:

Inside the remaining white plastic piece there should be a little metal tube erecting out. Centering as best as you can, stick the top of the potato onto the tube.

Step 4:
Step 5:

Using your Misto Olive Oil Sprayer, spray your pan down thoroughly.

Step 6:

Place your accordion shaped potato into your pan and give it a good spray with your Misto Olive Oil Sprayer.

Step 7:

Season. Salt and Pepper is a must. You could also add some paprika, garlic powder, or anything else you like.

Step 8:

Bake in a convection oven at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes. This is so the potato isn’t still raw when the cheese quickly melts. That would be no good!

Step 9:
  • Add your favorite cheese. I used some cheddar, provolone, and a little mozzarella. I took whatever I could find in my fridge. String cheese, shredded, blocked, whatever you got!
  • After stuffing your accordion shaped potato with cheese, stick it back in the oven for about 2-3 minutes or until the cheese ins melted to your hearts desire.
Step 10:

Add your favorite toppings and enjoy! I added some diced tomatoes and sour cream. Then some parsley for a garnish.

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